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  1. Igor and Ivan Buharov: Infectious Courage

    Opening February 17, 2017 at 7pm
February 18 – March 25, 2017
Thursday – Saturday 3pm – 6pm


    Every Saturday 4 – 6 pm: Short films by Igor and Ivan Buharov
    March 11, 2017 at 7pm: Feature Film by Igor and Ivan Buharov
    March 25, 2017 at 7pm: Feature Film by Igor and Ivan Buharov
    (the exact program will be announced soon)

    “Whoever has a slight knowledge of history and a fairly clear head knows perfectly well from the beginning that theoretical propaganda for revolution will necessarily express itself in action long before the theoreticians have decided that the moment to act has come. Nevertheless, the cautious theoreticians are angry at these madmen, they excommunicate them, they anathematize them. But the madmen win sympathy, the mass of the people secretly applaud their courage, and they find imitators.” - Pyotr Kropotkin

    Under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov, the artist duo has been working together for over 21 years.  In their experimental short and feature-length analogue films the artists create a world that moves on the frontier of dream and reality. Dreamlike imagery, poetical and philosophical texts, as well as the self-written music that accompanies the films bring forth a specific and unique ambience. The works dwell on the edge of fine art and cinematic art and capture archetypical experiences in surrealistic atmospheres. The protagonists are mostly friends and non-actors, who live outside of mainstream and elite culture, and often speak out transcendental ideals. 

    The handful of short films shown at the Infectious Courage exhibition are melancholic and ironic depictions of the relationship between power and individual, the vision of freedom and its impossibility, the civil courage of the forgotten man, and his slow, small steps towards self-liberation.

    The works by Igor and Ivan Buharov have been shown at numerous international film festivals and exhibitions, including Kyiv Biennal, Manifesta 8 biennial, New Museum NY, MUMOK Vienna.

    This exhibition is part of the Transmediale Vorspiel 2017 Program.
    Supported by Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.


  2. Geert-Jan Hobijn: Sale Away 
    Interactive Soundinstallation

    Finissage: Saturday, February 11th at 7pm

    Opening: Saturday, January 28th at 7pm
    Concert by Geert-Jan Hobijn and Staalplaat-Soundsystem (Radboud Mens, Carlo Crovato and Jens A. Ewald) 

    Duration: January 29th – February 10th
    Orchestra hours: Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm

    This exhibition is part of the Transmediale Vorspiel program series.

    Commissioned by the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabrück, Germany in 2004

    The mechanical orchestra installation called Sale Away was on view on a popular shopping street in Osnabrück designed to actively engage the pedestrians passing by. The piece consists of customized household appliances that are arranged in particular groups and sequences. To wake up the installation and start the orchestra, pedestrians walking by ZÖNOTÉKA are encouraged to dial a number posted in the window of the space. This call triggers an animated mobile-phone robot that is displayed on a screen. The robot invites the viewers to “play” the orchestra through their phones with simple dial commands in order to create their own sound compositions.


  3. FINISSAGE Ilona Németh: METOD
    SCREENING Julian Radlmaier: Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen

    3.12.2016 18:00–22:00
    19:00 Screening in the presence of the filmmaker | Filmvorführung in Anwesenheit des Filmemachers

    Julian Radlmaier: Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen (A Proletarian Winter’s Tale), 2014
    64:00 min., German with English subtitles
    Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)

    On the occasion of the Finissage of Ilona Németh’s solo exhibition METOD, ZÖNOTÉKA is excited to welcome Julian Radlmaier for the screening of his film entitled “Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen (A Proletarian Winter’s Tale)”. The film’s setting is a high-society party in German collector’s castle and follows the perspective of three young Georgian servants. Through their distinct personalities and worldviews they fantasize around unlikely historical allegories: A fairy tale about class relations.
    Screenng selected by: Ágnes Pákozdy

    Ilona Németh: METOD
    Ilona Németh’s solo exhibition engages with omnipresent limitations and possibilities, from promises portrayed through advertisement slogans to the very personal memories passed on in her family history. She establishes liminal spheres between mass-produced design and liturgical practice, the cozy home environment and a general condition of exposure, between political rhetoric and personal confession. Ambivalence is generated to stage how current politics persistently interferes with our lives, as Németh constantly seeks moments where these forces can be revealed, exposed and understood.
    Curated by: Krisztina Hunya

    Anlässlich der Finissage von Ilona Némeths Einzelausstellung METOD, lädt ZÖNOTÉKA zu einer Filmvorführung von “Ein proletarisches Wintermärchen” mit dem Regisseur Julian Radlmaier ein. Der Film spielt auf einer high-society Party im Schloss eines deutschen Sammlers und begleitet die Ereignisse aus der Perspektive drei georgischer Bediensteter. Durch ihre unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeiten und Weltbildern phantasieren sie über unwahrscheinliche historische Allegorien: Ein Wintermärchen der Klassenbeziehungen.
    Diese Filmvorführung wurde selektiert von: Ágnes Pákozdy

    Ilona Németh: METOD
    Ilona Némeths Solopräsentation erkundet das Spannungsfeld von Möglichkeiten und Einschränkungen, von Werbeversprechen bis hin zu persönlichen Memoiren der eigenen Familiengeschichte. Dabei etabliert sie liminale Zonen zwischen Massendesign und liturgischer Praxis, der heimischen Umgebung und allgemeinen Überwachung, zwischen politischer Rhetorik und persönlichem Geständnis. Diese Ambivalenzen stehen für die Ansichten, wie etwa Alltagspolitik, die ständig in unser Leben eingreifen oder die Suche nach Momenten, in denen diese Kräfte entlarvt und sichtbar gemacht werden können.
    Kuratier von: Krisztina Hunya

    Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.
    Supported by Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

    On view | Laufzeit: 2.10.2016 – 3.12.2016
    Opening hours| Öffnungszeiten: Thu – Sa | Do – Sa 15:00 – 18:00 and by appointment | und auf Anfrage


  4. Kunst am | Artworks at the Rixdorfer Christmas Market
    02.12.2016 17:00 – 21:00 / 03.12.2016 14:00 – 21:00 / 04.12.2016 14:00 – 20:00
    The Art Spaces Neukölln initiative is presenting art works by its members organized by the District Office of Neukölln. ZÖNOTÉKA is participating with a selection of digital prints from the series Marshalling Inc. by Technologie und das Unheimliche. The images were conceived for the eponymous exhibition, which looked at the discrepancies between sterile office environment of global arms corporations and their devastating effects through appropriation.
    -- -- --
    Die Initiative Kunsträume Neukölln präsentiert Kunstwerke ihrer Mitglieder organisiert von dem Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln. ZÖNOTÉKA nimmt mit digitalen Prints aus der Serie Marshalling Inc. von Technologie und das Unheimliche teil. Die Bilder entstanden in Zusammenhang mit der gleichnamigen Ausstellung, welche sich durch Appropriation der Diskrepanz zwischen steriler Office Umgebung von globalen Rüstungsfirmen und ihren verheerenden Effekten gewidmet hat.


  5. Mo, 28.09.2016 19:00
    Ilona Németh: 17 567 2 850 5 @Soda Gallery Bratislava
    Curatorial guided tour with Führung durch die Ausstellung mit Krisztina Hunya & Ilona Németh

    The presentation at SODA gallery focuses on three distinct personalities, each represented by three furniture pieces from their inventories. Originating from different periods of Eastern European history, the tables each bear witness to their owner’s destinies, their unfulfilled or achieved aims, and changes in the political climate around them.

    -- -- --

    Die Präsentation in der SODA Galerie richtet sich auf drei unterschiedliche Persönlichkeiten, die jeweils durch ein Möbelstück ihres Inventars referenziert werden. Aus unterschiedlichen Perioden der Ost-europäischen Geschichte stammend, sind die Tische Zeugen der Schicksale ihrer Besitzer, von unvollendeten Zielen und Änderungen im politischen Klima das sie umgibt. 


  6. Ilona Németh: METOD

    In times of radically shifting concepts of privacy, we must commit to an active involvement to counterbalance our subjugated role. The exhibition METOD by Ilona Németh is concerned with current drastic collisions of the private and public spheres, the seamless yet manipulative forces lurking behind the familiar and ubiquitous facets of our everyday environment. The artist’s solo presentation engages with omnipresent limitations and possibilities, from promises portrayed through advertisement slogans to the very personal memories passed on in her family history. The workshop and studio atmosphere of the project space serves as a backdrop, underlining the entanglement of the private and public, while continuing ZÖNOTÉKA’s long-term curatorial approach of creating spatial metamorphoses by site-specific artistic encounters.

    -- -- --

    In Zeiten sich radikal veränderten Verständnissen von Privatsphäre, ist eine aktive Beteiligung gefragt die unserer ausgelieferten Position entgegenwirkt. Die Ausstellung METOD von Ilona Németh befasst sich mit der drastischen Kollision vom Privatem und Öffentlichen sowie den unscheinbaren jedoch manipulativen Kräften die sich hinter den familiären und allgegenwärtigen Facetten unserer täglichen Umgebung verbergen. Die Solopräsentation der Künstlerin erkundet das Spannungsfeld von Möglichkeiten und Einschränkungen, von den Versprechen der Werbeslogans bis hin zu den persönlichen Memoiren der eigenen Familiengeschichte. Die Workshop und Studioatmosphäre des Projektraumes dient dabei als geeignete Kulisse und stützt räumlich und konzeptuell die Zusammenführung von Privatsphäre und Öffentlichkeit. Darüberhinaus fügt sich das Projekt in das langfristige kuratorische Vorhaben von ZÖNOTÉKA, Raummetamorphosen anhand ortspezifischer künstlerischer Begegnungen zu etablieren.

    Eröffnung | Opening: 1.10.2016, 18:00 – 22:00

    Laufzeit | On view: 2.10.2016 – 4.12.2016

    Öffnungszeiten | Opening times: Do – Sa | Thu – Sa 15:00 – 18:00

    und auf Anfrage | and by appointment

    Kuratiert von | Curated by: Krisztina Hunya

    Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

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  8. Opening next Wednesday, November 2, 2016, at 7pm at the SODA gallery in Bratislava

    „In some way, all things are congealed moments in a longer social trajectory. All things are brief deposits of this or that property, photographs that conceal the reality of the motion from which their objecthood is a momentary respite.“ Arjun Appadurai: The Thing Itself, 2006

    Curated by: Krisztina Hunya


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